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A sister’s lost papers . . .

After losing his sister unexpectedly, a brother came to me to arrange her funeral. He knew that his sister had made her arrangements many years ago, but he was unable to locate the file.  During a dinner, his sister told him how proud she was to have hand written her obituary, and she insisted on one special photo to be used.  She had written down specific verses she wanted read at her service as well as some of her favorite hymns.  She mentioned the type of food she wanted at her reception and even had a certain theme.  In that file, she also maintained a copy of her pre-funded paperwork and other pertinent information. Although she told the brother and gave him the location of the file at the time, she had moved and they were unable to locate it.

I have been in the funeral business for over 25 years and have served thousands of families in need. Following this experience, I reached out to several pre-planning counselors, estate attorneys and financial advisors. Together we created a comprehensive online system which allows people to protect, secure, share and update their pre arrangements so that families can celebrate life’s memories knowing the wishes of their loved ones.

Terry Robertson
Founder, Celebrating Life’s Memories

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