Remove a burden from your family

Organize, secure, and share your information

Families often don’t know the wishes of their loved ones because they can’t find the critical information to settle their affairs.

This Celebrating Life’s Memories Organizer guides you through entering your final wishes and critical information online so you can share it with your loved ones and key advisors.  You go at your own pace and can enter as much or as little information as you want. And you can update your information as often as you’d like.

My Information
Start with basic information about yourself – name, address, family, military service, occupation, etc.

Funeral Plans
With your funeral pre-planned, your loved ones can celebrate your life with the certainty that your wishes are being respected.

Important Contacts
Keep a comprehensive and up-to-date list of contacts that loved ones need to know. You can also select access permissions for each contact depending on what you want them to know or do with your information.

Estate Plan
Settling your estate can be a significant burden if your family cannot find the proper estate planning advisors and documents. Let your loved ones know that your information is organized and how to access it.

At end-of-life your family may have to deal with difficult medical and health decisions on your behalf. Make sure that loved ones know your wishes and have access to healthcare directives.

Even if your finances are organized, they can be difficult for loved ones to manage after you’re gone. Make sure that they know where and how to gain access to your accounts and financial information.

Help your loved ones know the details of managing your household and what to do. Let them know about your property and possessions, your pets, your digital accounts, your passwords, your subscriptions and monthly bills, and more.

Know where to find your critical information

We understand that your information, accounts and critical documents are in many different places. There is no need to duplicate those documents held elsewhere, such as account statements, wills, and legal documents. You probably want to keep them stored safely with your advisors, and you just need to let your loved ones know where to find the information when they need it. Celebrating Life’s Memories is designed to store information online, but primarily it is a roadmap to direct loved ones on how to find your critical information.

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Celebrating Life’s Memories is designed so you can enter your personal information
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FREE 15 minute Setup Consultation by phone. If you’d like additional setup assistance,
just ask and we will suggest a plan that suits you.



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